The Company

Trantor International Ltd., (Trantor farm tractors) are a British-owned, private company that has created and developed new kinds of more-energy-efficient and more-productive farm tractors.

The Trantor tractors enable users to reduce fuel consumption by as much as 40%, and increase labour-productivity (of tractor-drivers) by more than 300% (on most farms), whilst also being particularly significant for the no-till farming system.

The Product

The Trantor tractor concept is a hi-speed transport tractor designed for crop transportation and the no-till farming system.

Features of the Trantor Tractor:

  • Central driving position
  • Driver position to see hitch point
  • Forward visibility to see furrow/crop
  • Two passenger-seats for work-teams
  • 4 occasional rear seats
  • Rear load-platform for equipment and tools
  • Rear axle suspension [80kph]
  • Hitch suspension for trailer-drawbar [80kph]
  • 3-Point linkage suspension [80kph]
  • Front axle suspension [80kph]
  • Designed to use less fuel than ploughers
  • Designed to eliminate soil compaction
  • Designed for Conservation Agriculture
  • Designed to tickle the soil not plough it
  • Designed for direct seeding (drilling)
  • Designed for low-draught work e.g. spreading
  • Encompasses an independent power take off
  • 2 and 4WDrive options [80kph]
  • A gearbox for transportation purposes [80kph]
  • High ratio for road use [80kph]
  • Low-ratio for hi- speed fieldwork
  • Hydraulic-power to tip trailers
  • Hydraulic system for normal Ag-type work
  • Truck-standard braking system – air [80kph]
  • Brakes to all wheels of tractor and trailer [80kph]
  • Compressor for braking system












Customer Types -

The Trantor® product has been designed and developed with regular inputs from over 500 customers in 15 countries, some of the customer types are listed below:

  • General Farmers
  • Agricultural Contractors
  • Tree Surgeons
  • Vegetable Growers, Packers and Distributors
  • Mobile Welder, servicing work sites
  • Potato Growers, and Packers
  • Stone Dressers
  • Estate Owners/Farmers
  • Small Holders
  • Water Authorities
  • Local Authorities
  • Airport Services
  • Stables and general horse sports
  • Plant Hire Companies
  • Caravan Site Owners
  • Farm Equipment Distributors
  • Plant Contractors
  • Pig Farmers
  • Vehicle Hire Companies
  • Seedsmen (Mobile Seeds)
  • Quarry Owners
  • Prison Authorities
  • Forestry Commissions
  • Department of Environment
  • Landscape Gardeners
  • Fencing Contractors
  • Marine Engineers
  • Skip Hire Companies
  • Duck Farmer
  • Local Council Contractors and Small Holders
  • Seed Trialist and Farmer
  • Plant Hire Engineer
  • Farmer, emigrated to Australia with Trantor
  • Australian Hobby Farmers
  • Agricultural Services
  • Rope Makers and Vehicle Builders
  • Agricultural Services Unit in Yemen
  • Market Garden Company
  • Boat Yard Owner
  • Waste Disposal Companies
  • Hill Farmers
  • Milk Cow (Livestock) Farmers
  • Cattle Farmers
  • Spreading Contractors in farming
  • Spraying Contractors in farming
  • Ground Care Specialists
  • Golf Club Services
  • Motorway Mowing Contractors
















The following pdf's are available for download (click to view, right-click to download)

  1. Land-Rover and its Agricultural Applications led to the Agrover and the Trantor tractor. An updated and abridged version of that published in Land Rover World.
  2. The Trantor Tractor Project is Not Only Very Much Alive but a Significant Part of Farming’s Future, as Zero-Tillage becomes better understood.
  3. Modern conventional Farm Tractor and Ag-Implement Design is Causing Fossil-Fuel Wastage, Low Productivity of Labour, Low Efficiency of the Tractor-farm-Implement combinations and destroying soils, due to compaction. Paper to the CIOSTA & CIGR Section V Conference, at Nitra University (Slovakia) 
  4. From Conventional Ploughing-First Tractors to Transport-First Tractors – 2 Decades of Radical Design, Journal of the Institution of Agricultural Engineers, (Landwards) Volume 55. 
  5. The Eco-Design & Development of Farmers Working Vehicles and their Tractors  –  History and Innovation.  Edwards. G.A.B.  Keynote address presented at the SIAT-ARAI conference at Pune, India
  6. Innovation in the Farm Tractor World – 1970-2010 Who Leads? Who Follows? Published at the American Society of Agricultural Engineers (ASAE) Chicago Conference.